• $250.00 - We will advertise the unit, have it on premise to view for 45 days, and is eligible to go through the auction twice (Or $75.00 each addition time)
  • 10% - Sales fee for units sold up to $24,999.00 (includes listing fee whichever is greater amount)
  • 7% - Sales fee for units sold for $25,000.00 or more (includes listing fee)
  • $75.00 - Mechanical inspection report
  • $15/linft. – Inside & outside wash & detailing for campers etc.
  • $5/day - Storage fee for units not sold which exceeds 45 days
  • $150.00 - 5 Star mechanical inspection fee



  • $20/Yr. - Membership fee.
  • $10% - Purchase transaction fee for items $2,499.00 or less.
  • $5% - Purchase transaction fee for items $2,500.00 - $24,999.00.
  • 3% - Purchase transaction fee for items $25,000.00 or more.


HOW TO SELL; Via Auction 

  • 1. Customer completes membership - online
  • 2. Consignment form – online
  • 3.Unit can be picked or customer delivers the unit
  • 4.Inspection will be done for each Item;
  • 5.Optional 5 star rating for mechanical
  • 6.Optional cleaning service or mechanical inspection can be provided for a fee
  • 7.All items Listed will be posted a minimum 7 days prior to sale date
  • 8. Payments will be made after 14 business days of sale, less any applicable commissions.
  • 9. Vantage accepts: Stripe or major Credit card up $2500 or 2% fiancé fee beyond that amount
  • 10. Payments over $2,500 can be paid with either certified check, money order or bank wire transfer.
  • 11. Item will be removed from website 24 hours after sale date.
  • 12. Items sold daily 



  • 1. Make an account (this can be done by clicking the "sign up" button at the top right side of the page)
  • 2. Read all Terms & Conditions
  • 3. Find an item you would like to bid on and click the "Bid Now" button
  • 4. After winning bid, Buyer must check-out within 48 hours make payment for unit + buyers fees.
  • 5. Item will be removed 48 hours after the sale date.
  • 6. Customer has three business days to pay for your unit, or you will be subject to 1% per day late fee for each outstanding item.
  • 7. After payment, buyer must remove merchandise within 14 days of sale day



  • 1. Vantage takes care of everything from managing the sale, collecting payments, making sure equipment gets picked up by the buyer without delay, to making sure that you the seller gets paid quickly.
  • 2. Once we receive the funds from the buyer, we can release the equipment for shipment.
  • 3. All items are sold with no warranties expressed or implied…



  • 1. If a seller has multiple units, the fees will vary depending on the type of the equipment.



  • 1. Regular inspection includes; an array of pictures of the unit and pictures/documentation of any visible damage.
  • 2. Optional 5 Star mechanical Inspection includes; mechanical inspection completed by a certified Vantage representative, testing all mechanical components of the unit. 


Buy with confidence with a 5 Star Inspection Guaranty. Buyer has 5 business days to report any discrepancy between the condition of the Item received and the condition described in the inspection report. A buyer can issue a claim of discrepancy. If the claim is validated, Vantage will either settle the claim mutually, or have the item returned and refund the purchase price plus buyers fees.



  • 1. If a participating seller wishes to withdraw an item from Vantage site, for any reason, prior to the auction close, then the seller agrees to pay $250 withdrawal fee and any fees incurred.


  • Vantage is not responsible for shipping any items. The Buyer will be responsible for shipping arrangements of their purchased units.
  • A list of 3rd party shipping venders will be available under shipping
  • Vantage will support loading process where possible, but is not responsible loading of equipment.



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